West London Pallets have now been trading in excess of 10 years. The company has been built up over this time on a reputation of quality of product, quality of service and value for money. New and Used Pallets througout Heathrow, Chesham, Amersham, Watford, Denham, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Call 07973 767943.

We realize every company has its own individual needs. These needs are targeted and served. Over the years West London Pallets have been proven right, in its belief that after cost, availability at short notice, quality of product and good service is paramount.

It is our aim to continue to provide all of these aspects in our service. To help in this goal, we always have in stock a large and varied stock of pallets for all your needs…

We have recently invested in a heat treating kiln used in the treating of Pallets for export, As the only local pallet supplier to have installed this equipment, we are sure our customers will benefit financially and with improved efficiency from our new service. West London Pallets are now serving larger area than ever spreading from Kent in the south east, to Hampshire in the south west, to Bedford in the north and Essex in the east.

Our customer base is bigger than ever, from small businesses that use 5 pallets every Christmas to multi national companies that use a thousand pallets a week. Some requiring new wooden pallets, some using, used and reconditioned wooden pallets, others requiring plastic or metal pallets. All of these companies are given the high standard of service required. The largest section of our business is the acquisition and sale of used pallets.

On receiving any pallets, we sort and grade the pallets; by size and strength. any broken pallets are repaired where possible and graded similarly. Although the use of second hand pallets is in itself environmentally friendly, and preferable, pallets that are irreparable are also recycled, in an entirely automated procedure nails are removed and the wood chipped for use in the chipboard industry.

New and Used Pallets delivered to Heathrow, Chesham, Amersham, Watford, Denham, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Call 07973 767943.

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